Monday, March 14, 2011

Heading To Japan

With the earthquake in Haiti, many many individuals and groups booked their tickets and headed out to help in whatever way they could.  Some where helpful, some where basically disaster tourists, and some made a difference.  Sadly just over a year later another massive disaster has hit.  Again many will do what they can, whether by prayer support, giving financially, or packing their bags and heading out putting their own lives in harms way.  In 2010 Michael Andrew ventured out with a clearly thought out plan to help after the deadly Haitian Earthquake.   His plan, to search out areas that where without aid and helping to get that aid to those in need.  In the end Michael was able to be a part of getting thousands and thousands of meals out to those in need, and even returned to Haiti in the fall of 2010 to follow up with additional aid and meetings with those stationed there long term.  Another project that was added was the fund raising for water purification systems for the residents of Haiti. 

Michael has once again chosen to take part in assisting those in need after this latest devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit so hard in Japan.  The environment and culture will be drastically different, but the need is great.  Please feel free to follow along on Michael’s Blog, or iReports and see how you can make a difference where need is great.


Below is a short clip of Michael Andrew describing one of the situations that took place while in Haiti.


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