Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Before & After

Post processing – this is my job all week long between shoots.  Changing or tweaking a picture until I have it the way I want it, other times, I am happy with SOOC (straight out of the camera).  Below is an example of a before and after with no Drastic changes made – but this is rather just to show what kind of tweaking can be done to a snapshot photo.  This was taken with a small point and shoot camera on our way home from fishing one night after my neighbour told me she never looks good in pictures, I beg to differ…



Edited in Photoshop – action sets used:

TRA – Totally Rad  Actions & MCP – Multiple Choice Photography

Step 1:  TRA-Boutwell Magic Glasses 100%

TRA-Warm it up Kris! 85%

CIMG1420 b_resize

Step 2:     TRA-Ying Yang Opacity 31%   Flow 37% on face, arm, and ear to brighten.

CIMG1420 c_resize


Step 3:    MCP Eye Dr. (and used on lips too :)) to pop the eyes and brighten lips a bit.  Finished off with minor cropping.

CIMG1420 d_resize

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