Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Everyone Loves Marine Land!

Our kids have believed this slogan since the first time they saw the Marine Land commercial!…and they have waited patiently for the day they could finally go – well, yesterday was the day – and it was worth the wait!  If you do research before going to places, such as Marine Land, you find reviews, and maps etc.  Well, firstly, there were not any up to date maps of good size that we could find – so I’m going to post one here of course!  As well, one of the major complaints I have heard is that there is WAY TOO MUCH WALKING!  So, I was expecting a ton of walking – but, with the help of a map, you can decide in advance whether you  want to become overwhelmed with walking or not, but I think our Biggest advantage to enjoying our visit to Marine Land was a result of timing: we went shortly after school started back, and before the schools had time to book their field trips too!  The company was Great too!

Marineland Roller Coaster Marineland Beluga Whales Marineland Dolphins Marineland Fun Marineland Map

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