Friday, September 04, 2009

Mark & Leanne's Big Day Is Approaching!

Mark and Leanne were such a fun couple to meet up with out in the country! We got to roam around Contentment Valley for a while, find a baby frog, and later even catch the attention of the police :) If I could describe Mark, it would only take 2 words - Brave Gentleman. That was pretty easy - Brave to do whatever, including jumping from the old bridge, and Gentleman - well, that was pretty obvious - guys, take notice. Leanne on the other hand is a whole different story - wow, this is easy too - Beautifully Cool Under Pressure - ok, that wasn't 2 words, but hey, she's a multitasker, and has managed not only to prepare for her own wedding this summer, but also, be in no less than 2 other weddings - in - not just attend! And still she shines with a Beautiful Smile!
Looking forward to an Incredible Wedding day with Mark & Leanne!

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