Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Dragon Wagon vs. The Swagger Wagon

1975_Plymouth_Gran_Fury When I was a kid we had a vehicle we affectionately referred to as - The Dragon Wagon.  All of our vehicles were named, come to think of it, most everything on the farm got named, except the cows, though I’m sure a few of them had their own unique names as well.   There were 6 kids in our family, so the Plymouth station wagon  was perfect, and in those days, car seats were just, well…not :o  A few of us would ride in the back, and everyone fit perfectly; and on at least one occasion, I even rode in the front seat…but we won’t go there -  lets just say, I get motion sickness, and car vents can be very unforgiving.   Well, today I found this posting for The Swagger Wagon, and of course it just brought back such wonderful memories – enjoy!

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