Thursday, May 20, 2010

Summer Safety

golf ball What happens when the lawnmower meets golf ball ?  It’s not pretty!  This is exactly the reason I do not want my children anywhere near me when I’m mowing the lawn.  Only a few short years ago I was mowing the lawn, and the kids were safely playing in the sandbox – or so I thought.  Suddenly I hit a rock that somehow ended up on our lawn.  The rock SHOT out of the lawn mower with amazing force, and struck the post on the side of the sand box, which was the only thing standing between the rock and both of my children!  I now have the lawn mower set to mulch with the door closed to avoid these shots, on top of which, the kids are generally inside or on the opposite  yard when I’m cutting grass.  I remember years ago as a kid when my youngest brother was in the hospital (either with his broken arm, or leg??) a little boy in his room was there with a really messed up foot due to a lawn mowing accident.  Lawn mower accidents occur in an instant – please be careful this summer :D

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