Friday, May 14, 2010

Pioneer Times

Bill's Shed-Chalk Boards Our daughter came home from school yesterday thrilled about Pioneer Days, and the fact that her teacher was pretending to be a Pioneer Teacher as part of getting into the lessons.  Fortunately she was able to relate on a number of levels, between reading the Laura Ingles Wilder books, seeing Little House On The Prairie, and being able to walk through the shed on the farm where I grew up  – the shed that was once a one room school house, complete with slate boards.  Last week the old school came down, the decision was made to demo it instead of move it as a result of it’s condition.  It was nice to be able to take one final look, and shoot these pictures the night before the demo.

Bill's Shed-1 Bill's Shed-2  Bill's Shed-6 Bill's Shed-7

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  1. I attended this school Gr 1 to 8, with the same teacher for all grades...does that make me a pioneer??haha
    Many menories of this school. The side of the school where the big doors are was the Grade one class and the grade eight's were on the other side.
    Thanks for the pics Heather.


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