Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother’s Day

I absolutely love being a Mommy!  Many of my friends have heard me say with each growing stage of our children “This Is the Best Stage Ever!”   The skinny little legs during the infant stage, seeing them smile for the first time, the cooing.  Watching those first bites of food go in their mouths…and then seeing it slide back out again.  Seeing those first steps and the look of trust in their eyes as they try to make their way to you – it’s like nothing else.  My favourite time of the day is nuzzle time.  This is the time of day when the kids get up in the morning and jump in bed for a nice nuzzle, or on the couch at bedtime during our wind down from the day…I also accept nuzzle time during any other time during the day :D  I just love being a Mommy!   So we are having a celebration day today, a day of thrills and seeing all sorts of cool new things – a day with my Hubby and our Children – a true Mother’s Day!

Mommys Day-1 Mommys Day-2

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