Saturday, February 12, 2011

Daniel & Anita

Captured Innocence Photography AD6What a way to celebrate Valentine’s!  It was a simply Gorgeous Day to celebrate as Daniel and Anita pledged their vows…and that was no easy task.  Poor Anita was so sick she could barely talk, but stalked with the right meds she made to the church on time and said her vows loud and clear for all to hear!  Congratulations Daniel & Anita!


Click on the picture below to see the slideshow of Daniel & Anita’s Big Day!

*Credit:  Music by Canadian Music Artist Andrew Allen – Lovin’ You Tonight


  1. Heather, you have done a magnificent job of capturing the essence of this very special day. The Lord has blessed you with a wonderful gift.

  2. As the mother of the bride I can't thank you enough Heather for using this gift of yours to bring happiness to others. You are so easy to have around when things could get stressful. Daniel and Anita are such a special couple and I know they will be so pleased when they get to see the pictures..this video is so great, I love the seems like it was composed just for them!
    Thanks again!
    Louise Teetzel


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