Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Video Editing

After a very slow start of blogging into the new year, I believe I am finally caught up in most of my major projects – Most, not all, however, I do believe I’m back to posting a regular blog finally, and thought I would share with you a product for PC users.  I say PC users, because basically Mac users tend to stick with iMovie or Final cut as their video editing software, PC users however can sometimes feel lost in the array of products out there.  Though this may or may not be the best software – Cyberlink’s Power Director 9 Ultra is certainly a product that will do most if not everything you need for your personal and business needs.  I have been using the Power Director tools for a number of years now, and have always been impressed with their user friendly operations, and additional tools available online.  Prior to Power Director I used Pinacle, again a tremendous software however I found took a lot longer to accomplish tasks, and the time period to render a project to much longer as well.  I have also tried out Sony Vegas – again, endless options, however, I kept returning to Power Director.  To review several video editing software options, check them out here at PC Reviews.


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