Wednesday, February 09, 2011

One Talented Hubby !

CapturedInnocencePhotography-0500My husband continues to impress me with his talents!  This valentines day we will be celebrating 10 years since our first  official date with the purpose of marriage…which occurred only a few short months later.  And after 10 years, though I know him very well, he continues to break the mold !  Ralph AKA Ruphus, surprised me at Christmas with a coat rack that he designed and then then built.  Last night, the kids and I returned from swimming lessons to be surprised with the Amy and Bradley personalized coat racks!  So, I just thought I would show off my man’s handy work today on the blog (minus the coats)!  Thanks Honey!

                      CapturedInnocencePhotography-0506    CapturedInnocencePhotography-0509

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  1. Wow, those are great!!!! Beth Woods


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