Monday, February 21, 2011

Monster Jam 2011

Captain's CurseOur very first Monster Jam Event! When there is a little boy in the house – chances are, you have heard of Monster Trucks. This past weekend we had the opportunity to meet up with my brothers family and friends, along with good friends our ours and see Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam 2011 at the JLC in London. We picked up the Pit Party Pass tickets as well to be sure we made a full go of it, going around checking out the trucks up close and getting to meet the drivers one on one. The drivers by the way were Fantastic! Posing for pictures, and playing it up with the kids, I don’t think enough could be said about how well the drivers treated the kids during the Pit Party Pass. The show itself I’m sure it geared to the size of the venue, so it seemed rather slow being that it was in a smaller area. The motor cross show after intermission however was incredible, and I could have watched that 3-4 times longer :D Then came the Monster Truck Free Style – the part of the show everyone was waiting for, and it did not disappoint.…check out these Massive Trucks!


Music Credit: George Thorogood & the Destroyers ~ Bad To The Bone

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