Friday, February 11, 2011

How To Keep Your Child’s Treasures

CapturedInnocencePhotography-0455Every child is proud of their projects, whether at school, or completely made up on their own – and, parents are equally proud of their budding artist, writing, sculptor etc.….but what do you do with all of your child’s treasures?  Seriously it would take up an entire section of your home to store all of their projects.  There is a way though – and thanks to digital photography, your child’s entire collection of creations from birth on would take up less space than their first pair of shoes.  I have been doing this for some time – keeping the occasional original of course, however, simply shooting copy work of everything.  By doing so, I am easily storing the images of my child’s artwork, stories etc.  On top of recording the work digitally, the metadata included with my digital images correctly stores the dates as well. 

Here’s how:  To make your copy work Very Simply – simply find a well lit space in your home, on a somewhat overcast day.  Set your camera white balance to shade. and begin taking pictures of the projects.  Soon, (after checking the final images) you will be able to know you have a great record of the work, and you will no longer need to build on that addition to house to hold your children’s little treasures.


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