Monday, September 13, 2010

Lambton Shores - Meet The Candidates

 Today I’d like you to get to know Sushil, running as Councillor for Ward 6 of Lambton Shores.  Sushil (pronounced Susheal), has also answered the same list of questions posed to Doug Cook in yesterdays post.  There is also a website available to check out more information about Sushil –   I was really surprised when I read Sushil’s information on his site, I realized he was a family man, but never realized his educational and technical background – Find out more below.

Sushil Nakhwal – Owner / Operator of Arkona GoCo Station

Questions or Comments you wish to address with Sushil Nakhwal can be emailed to:

Why I have decided to run for council?

This community has given us a lot, and in order to do something in return and make it much better for coming generations, I would like to utilize my energy and time in productive manner.

What issues will you address if you are voted in?

· Lower taxes and better services to the residents and businesses.

· More effective and better distribution of funds across the Lambton shores community.

· Create incentives to attract new businesses in the area.

· Cooperate with all council members to achieve the goals of the community.

· Regular update to all the constituents on municipal matters through the internet, mass email, flyers and local newspapers.

· Complete accountability and transparency of work on regular basis.

· Maintain a level of accessibility while providing quick response to all constituents.

· Working together with constituents to include as many of their ideas as possible in the decision making process.

· Seek regular input from everyone in order to build a strong and vibrant community.

Who I am?

I have completed my M.Sc. in Zoology and B.Ed along with diploma in Electronics Technologist here in Ontario. I am a certified teacher through the Ontario College of Teachers. My work experience includes 6 years of teaching in various High schools and the past 12 years as an Engineer for ATI Technologies and AMD Inc. (Leading Computer CPU maker).

I moved into this beautiful town about seven years ago from Toronto.  I currently  own and operate the GOCO gas station in Arkona along with my wife Anjna and our two sons Gaurav and Mohit, who are students at NLSS in Forest. I enjoy time with my family, yoga, and webpage designs. I have volunteered in the hospital for quadriplegic and paraplegic patients, and coached soccer and cricket teams.

What will you do for the residents and community of Arkona and Ward 6?

· Implementation of the master plan for Arkona.

· Revisit the work of committees constituted after amalgamation.

· Project ward 6 as the place to work and live in.

· I can assure everyone that I will work diligently toward meaningful goals that will create opportunities for us all.


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