Friday, September 10, 2010

The Latest From Gary Fong

Gary Fong Gearguard 4The Lightsphere is the big claim to fame for Gary Fong – one of the best flash diffusers of it’s time – a great piece – biggest con – very bulky.  Lately though,  Gary Fong has come out with a piece of equipment designed to help avoid the thief issue!  I have yet to have a problem with this – and I hope to never obviously, but I thought I would post this here for those of you interested in such a gadget.  My best advice though – Prevention.  Carry as little on you as possible during a shoot – use a shoot sac or a small bag, or something like my snap sac (I’ll show this off tomorrow on the blog),  keeping everything else in your vehicle, and when you arrive at the reception – Talk to the DJ if you are wanting to bring in more equipment, often they will allow you to put your equipment next to them -  safe and sound – just don’t put your camera cards on their large speakers with the Magnets though ;)  

Gary Fong Gearguard 3  Gary Fong Gearguard2  gearguardbody1

***images & video by Gary Fong

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