Monday, September 06, 2010

Second Shooting

JH1I’ve mentioned before how I really enjoy the opportunity to second shoot at a wedding – it gives me the chance to shoot without the pressure of being the one who is directing the photography end of the day, while being able to capture some interesting angles.  This past weekend Josh and Julie Anne were married, some of you may remember that Josh and Julie Anne were the couple with the auction wedding jh3package which helped raise money for The Kaeden Brown Foundation.  Because of their support for this foundation, I really wanted to do a few extra’s for the couple.  This included showing up early for during the hair and make up session and staying later during the reception, but there became one more Bonus!  I decided to put out an offer for someone wishing to be second shooter for the day, someone with photography experience, and who were able to show some of their work online, and to simply email me with this information.   Out of those who JH 5 rs

  responded I chose John Heenzy – this turned out to be an excellent decision!  John was professional, stealth, and did  a great job with his images. On top of this – John was not afraid to do what it took to get the shot, including gather burs on his clothes, or climbing the silo the father of the Bride made note of as a great spot for a picture, shortly after we arrived!  For more information, and to see more of John’s work, click Here.  Great Job John!JH3 rs

JH2 rs




And just in case you missed the sunset Saturday night…Sunset

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