Sunday, September 12, 2010

Meet The Candidates

Ward 6 of Lambton Shores currently has 2 candidates running, and often we as the residents have very little chance to hear the plans our candidates have on their minds, as a result I have decided to make the post today and tomorrow concentrated on getting to know our local candidates – some things you may  know, others, you may be totally surprised by.  Each candidate was asked to make a submission for the blog.  In order to be unbiased, I am simply going to go by alphabetical order, beginning with Doug Cook – owner/operator of the Arkona Home Hardware followed by Sushil Nakhwal – owner/operator of the Arkona GoCo.

Doug Cook – Owner & Operator Of Arkona Home Hardware

Questions or Comments you wish to address with Doug Cook can be emailed to: 

Here are the questions answered:

For the councillors at present, Why have you decided to re-seek your position as councillor for Lambton Shores?

For those stepping in, Why have you decided to do so?

What issues will you address if you are voted in?

Provide details on your political experience and background.

Tell us about yourself: What town do you live in and how long have you lived in Lambton Shores? Occupation? Family? Leisure activities? Volunteer community work and accomplishments.

In one sentence, What will you do for the residents and community of Lambton Shores?

Answers by:

Doug Cook

1. Councillor – I have only been on council since February, therefore, I have not had much opportunity to establish myself, other than understanding the issues as they arise.   I am hoping that the next four year term will allow me to work closely with council on issues and investments throughout Lambton Shores.

2. The main issues I would like to address are Capital Investments in Ward 6, the ongoing sewer concerns in the Grand Bend area and economic development in Lambton Shores.

3. This is my first venture into municipal politics.

4. I have owned Arkona Home Hardware since 1999 and moved to Arkona in 2000.  I am married to Pam Atkinson.  My son, Jeremy and his wife, Valerie and our granddaughter, Mia, live in Forest.  I am the President of the Arkona Lions Club, volunteer with Victim Services of Sarnia-Lambton, assist with Communities in Bloom and participate in the Trash Bash Clean up Days.  I enjoy golfing, walking and spending time with family.

5. I will bring a balanced and unbiased approach to council, to ensure that major issues are properly discussed and that necessary Capital investments continue, keeping the overall tax burden of Lambton Shores in mind.

Doug Cook

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