Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Classy Snap Pac

snap sacIt has been quite some time in the making and searching, but the day finally came – I now have my own version of the shoot sac and after a few weeks of using it, I’m proud to say – it works Fantastic!!!. Yes, it’s true – I do like the Shoot Sac, but for reasons I’m sure you could figure out for yourselves, I chose to go a different route – and came up with my own version of what I have been looking for but never found.  Basically I wanted to be able to have on me at least one other lens, specifically while shooting weddings, something that didn’t get in my way, and it needed to look classy without standing out.  I thought through several different options, finally I decided to make my own Shoot sac using a neoprene laptop case.  During my search for the beginnings of my project though, I came across a bag that had a starting point for exactly what I wanted.  Once again it was a laptop case to begin with, but with a few alterations, it became my dream lens case – Yeah!  With some help from my professional seamstress neighbour Anne Marie, the case now holds up to three lenses easily while having very little bulk (it’s actually not as fat as the Shoot Sac which I like),  it curves around your hip stores my bounce card for when I’m not using my sto-fen, and has a great spot too for a carabiner style watch (I don’t like wearing a watch at a wedding-strange but true)  Currently I tend to keep 2 Canon L lenses and a 580 EX 11  flash with Sto-fen filter on inside of the pac , and then switch out the lenses for the reception allowing me to carry very little during each section of the wedding, and yet always have what I need.  That’s it, top it off with personal embroidery of your business logo, and you have one very classy looking lens pack!Snap Sac 2

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