Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Never Stop Learning

Cameras are always changing, and the field of photography is always diversifying.  As a result, if you are wanting to be in the field of photography you can Never Stop Learning.  Personally I try to take a course at least once every other month – sometimes it just means repeating a course to get something new out of it, other times it is something totally new that the industry has to offer.  It doesn’t matter, as long as I am challenging myself.   The average full day class with a world class photographer works out to almost $1000 CAD/day, and I understand that this is simply not feasible for most (myself included-though I would absolutely love to attend an MJ2 Day Workshop)…but alas, there are many other ways to learn, even though the “experience” of shooting  side by side, and the interaction you would like with your photographer mentor is not available. But there are ways to  keep up with the latest in what you can offer your clients and take advantage of what your equipment can do for you.  To begin, DVD training, it may not give you live interaction, however, you will have the advantage of reviewing it over and over.  Next,  E-Classes, many of these classes that you take will come with the option of purchase as well, so if you do find the information too much to take in all at once, you can review it later.  Webinars are another option, and you are able to have an interaction with the speaker on these, either through voice or typed questions and comments.  And of course, there is YouTube!  If you ever want to know how to do something, chances are, someone has posted a video on it on YouTubeBelow I have posted a screen captured for the site Creative Live – an incredible teaching tool which recently completed a week long class of epic proportions – putting them on the map for all time by having Jasmine Star teach for 5 Days, including shooting a wedding live! There are so many training resources out there; what are your favourites?

creative live

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