Saturday, November 28, 2009

Forest Kineto Theatre

For those of you who have actually never been to the Forest Kineto Theatre, maintained by the Kawanis Club, I thought I would give you a quick sneak peak.  Last night I stopped in and to take a few shots of our little local theatre.  The theatre is not the size of some of the huge city ones (though most theatre’s in complex’s are  broken up into smaller sections too), but it has many things going for it: the sound system is very clear, the seats are positioned on a nice slope, you never have to wonder what time the show starts (8 every time), and tickets are always $5!  It also works out really nice, that after the show ends you don’t have a 45 minute drive home :)  It use to be that the local theatre didn’t get any of the new movies till they were no longer mainstream at the big box offices.  Not the case here though, and to prove it – Next week –Right on time as we enter December – Kineto will be showing “A Christmas Carol” with Jim Carrey.  Check it out!

Kineto5Kineto 6

Kineto2 kineto3


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