Friday, November 20, 2009

Techi Tidbit

I’m pretty happy with the favourites we have in our home when it comes to tv watching.  Seriously, “How’s it made”, “Daily Planet”, “Dirty Jobs” and “Myth Busters”  Well, there is also “Wipe Out” of course in the summer!  Our son loves seeing people wipe out and giggles as soon as the music begins!  Last night I was multi tasking and caught only a bleep of a story referring to the ever famous IPhone, I caught enough to be intrigued so looked into it further on the net later.  It’s Motorola’s competition with the IPhone, called the Android.  It’s very similar, a bit larger, but with some very nice differences, the phone is currently being carried with Verizon in the US, but hopefully we’ll see it here in Canada soon enough I can see this being the end of the Blackberry Storm.  Take a look at the review here.


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