Tuesday, November 17, 2009

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File_036, 8/13/01, 2:09 PM,  8C, 1470x2420 (1203+1390), 62%, bent 6 stops,  1/15 s, R94.8, G80.0, B118.7I was walking through Canadian Tire today while waiting for the winter tires to be installed and I thought I would check out the Christmas lights.  I know it’s time to replace our outdoor lights, so plug 2figured what better time to check things out, and then I saw them…nope, not Christmas lights, outlet protectors!  For any Mom or Dad with little ones you are very  aware off all the plastic additions you will be installing so that no one slams fingers, drinks dish detergent, is surged with 120 volts of electricity, or becomes the victim of a myriad of other events unimaginable .  It’s just something we are willing to do whatever it takes to avoid, as we should.  Outlet protectors are one of those automatic “have to get items”, so I thought I would give a little personal insight on this today.  First, there are varieties like crazy on these, the little plastic slide in ones, the more thorough slide in locked ones, the twist covers, and the covered covers.  My all time – the slide cover – are a little more money than the little plastic slide in protectors, but they have several advantages:  First, you don’t have to remove them when you want to use the outlet, second, they are actually a little easier, not to mention nicer in appearance then the twist covers, they don’t stick out, and, they can be left on indefinitely as they can also be used as a barrier.  No matter whether your home is old or new, on those really windy winter days, you will notice the cool seeping in through the outlets-and because of the slide, these little outlets block the cold. 

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