Monday, November 09, 2009

Sunny Beautiful Days In November

Wow, we had an incredible weekend of weather!  And in November ! – it was this time last year that we were just about to get hit by one of the biggest dumpings of snow on record!  We were in Hershey PA last year during that snow fall - and Incredible place to go by the way, such an amazing history.  My wonderful husband had taken me there for a weekend getaway to see an Amy Grant concert for my birthday – and I got to try out some concert shooting during sound check.  We were aware of the storm while staying at our hotel – first, from an email from Joanne E., then at breakfast – ARKONA was all over the news down in the hotel resturant!  Realizing there was no way we could have made it in our laneway, I had called in advance, and my brother Greg came into town and cleared out our laneway, later we found that a friend of ours – Glen, had shovelled a path to the house – no small feat either.  Obviously a whole different story this year – the weather is beautiful, and sunny – just the way I like it!

IMG_5195fr  AB Framed  Amy Grant 09A - IMG_7315rs

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