Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Eh! O' Canada Go!

“Learn the cheer” – You’ve probably seen or heard the ads.  It’s huge advertising campaign put on by Pepsi, and as an added bonus – there are very mixed feelings over the whole thing!  Some hate the cheer, some like it, and some, well, they just don’t know any better.  One way or another, whether you wish to get involved in the empire of big business or not - the Olympic athletes are competing soon, and the World Juniors have just finished –( in a HUGE nail biting game I might add.  Our guys did Great, and though we were sooo close, the boys to the south got the gold – ahhh, but we are just saving it for the Olympic games right?)  and these athletes deserve some cheering!   If you are against the pepsi cheer, then gladly cheer something different; but keep in mind, if you think you are making a stand by getting upset about the cheer being a big advertising campaign, then you are simply adding to the popularity by trying to stand out :)  In the end, I’m just wanting to hear the “O’Canada” part to music while seeing our athletes on the podium!

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