Friday, January 29, 2010

Surviving The Road Blocks In Haiti

MAHaiti4 Michael Andrew continues to go to the orphanages in Haiti; assess the situation, record the information, and GPS tag the location.  The final official count he ended up with was around 120 orphanages, which he is now finding to be in reality probably closer to triple this number.  Michael is working with his driver, and bodyguard / translator Matthew as he continues to face the “daily” challenges of aftershocks and general safety, but even more so, of road blocks and red tape while trying to get supplies to those in need.  And the supplies continue to sit…at the airport.  As frustrating as this is for us to see, imagine what this must be like for those in Haiti right now, in desperate need of these items of basic need.  A country in dire need of help, and help sitting at their doorstep…at the airport.  The good news: Michael and Matthew were able to deliver a load of supplies to an orphanage in need just recently, with tents and food supplies – these guys must have seemed like angels when they arrived.   You can read more about Michael’s experiences at  CNN’s I Reports  or on  Michael’s BlogIf you know of an organization or are connected with an organization on the ground in Haiti that has supplies to be delivered to areas in need please email me, immediate information for transport will be given. 

*All Photos in this post by Michael Andrew

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