Friday, January 01, 2010

Mac vs PC

IMG_9924_resizeI’ve got an opinion now, and it’s not simply based on industry standards, what I’ve heard, or what I see on commercials etc.  I like the Mac, and honestly, I like the PC, which I prefer is based on software, price/value, and ultimately, what I am comfortable with.  The Mac, wow, I mean, it is faster, and I’m hoping that Windows 7 will have some impact on that, though there is a long way to go; even the basic start up.  As far as software goes, well, if you haven’t got both sides (mac/windows) installed on your Mac, things really start to look limited-even the blogging software is cut right down.  There are options of course-and some very nice ones at that, coming with nice fees attached though.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s heard the comment, once you go Mac you’ll never go back, well, certainly not based on performance of the machine, I’ve tested it for just over a month, and I’m ready…to go back. Time to sell of a 17” Macbook Pro.

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  1. Wow,very interesting! Thanks Heather! That's good to hear from someone I know.


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