Friday, January 08, 2010

the Good Food Box

53-Good Food Box I started hearing about “the Good Food Box” back when our daughter was born.  I thought about it several times, but each time ended up passing on the idea due to the fact that “I thought” I would need to drive to Forest to get it, and realized, I would likely forget, but I’ve no longer got that excuse.  First of all, let me tell you what the Good Food Box is:  It’s basically a program set up in our community, where individuals or families can order single or family boxes at a cost of $10 or $15 respectively.  The box is filled with nutritious food ie. potatoes, apples, onion, cucumber etc. and they are available for pick up in 4 local areas: North Lambton CHC – Forest, Zavitz General Store – Thedford, Kettle Point Health Centre – Kettle Point, and, best of all – Arkona – we actually are getting door to door service thanks to Marlene MacKenzie!  If you have heard of the program before, but just never looked into it thoroughly, take a look, you may just save yourself a little money, eat some nutritious food, and support some local growers!
52-Good Food Box 51-Good Food Box

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