Sunday, January 03, 2010

“I’m the first one on the new road!” ~Mater

Did you see the movie cars?  Right after Lightning McQueen does a terrible job paving the road that gets destroyed during his fearful run from the back firing police car that ends him up in Radiator Springs?  The scene is hilarious; Mater, the rusty tow truck, with a very simple sense of enjoyment goes for a drive on the less than impressive newly paved road with overwhelming excited as he exclaims - “I’m the first one on the new road!”  That was me – no really, this morning, I’m out…finally, after a week of waiting for something to snow blow, I get to get out there !  Sure, I wasn’t the first out blowing snow, but it was my first run of blowing snow with the snow blower! Yeah!  And my neighbour Ann Marie, knowing I was thrilled to be out there came outside in the blustering wind and took pictures!!!  Enjoy the snow day!…maybe we’ll have this again tomorrow and get to keep the kids home one more day!  For those on the road, drive safely. :)

A Snowblower A Snowblower2 A Snowblower3

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