Friday, January 22, 2010

Michael In Haiti

MA1 Moments ago I was asked “Would you go to Haiti right now?”  Honestly, my answer is no, I think if I were single my answer may be different, but currently I feel I would be more of a liability there right now, and  I can do more help here with helping to raise funds, and helping to get information if possible to people like Michael, who currently are in Haiti.  Many of you may recall the posts I have made on Michael’s tutorials and seminars – AKA: Michael The Maven :) Michael, now in Haiti due to his intense desire to help the Haitian people was initially “absorbed” into a UN Convoy.  Michael is not sponsored by the UN, rather is self sufficient completing a project he came there to do: "make sure no orphanges fell through the cracks, by visiting each of them and providing logistical data to the larger organizations to know how to find them and what they need".  As reported on CNN this morning, one of the biggest hurdles they are facing in Haiti right now is getting this type of information.  Michael's first major task he needed to completed was accomplished EXTREMELY quickly – collecting the names and info of over 120 Haitian orphanages. In doing so, Michael used the resources of those not in Haiti - he wrote back to his blog readers asking for their help by giving input for locations and names of orphanages, allowing you and I to help in this way, this coupled with the fact that he is not facing a borage of red tape faced by some larger organizations.   Think about it – the daily bonuses we have of computer access and phone access is readily available to us, and is certainly compromised in Haiti right now. Today Michael is off to visit the orphanages – one at a time – assessing, GPS coding, and passing on the info of their needs so that vital supplies can be received.  The next issue however that is being faced is the fact that there is a bottle neck of supplies that need to be delivered.  Here’s where you can help:  If you know of an organization in Haiti right now – that may be able to help with delivering supplies – please go to the following blog and post the information.   Other requests and information are posted there as well.  You Can Help, Right Here At Home.

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