Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Windows 7 vs. Vista

Yesterday I spent a fair amount of time doing an entire from scratch reboot of my studio laptop.  Due to the fact that it was a new machine I was eligible for the free Windows 7 upgrade, which I  easily punched in the numbers on the website, and 2 days later UPS showed up at my door with the package!  I have worked with a number of Windows programs, Windows 3, ME, 98, 2000, XP, Vista, and I’m sure there are others in there as well, not to mention a few PDA, and Smartphone versions as well.  But lately Windows has really been pushing the Windows 7 experience, trying to appeal to the general public after   taking a real hit with the problems associated with Vista.  Now don’t get me wrong, Vista definitely has it’s issues , it is probably the most nit picky version anyone on a pc has ever used, despite it’s '”pretty colours”.  The one thing I had heard about Windows 7 though, is that it reverts back to a lot of the XP, and yet, has several helpful concepts in it as well.  Personally, I’ve only had Windows 7 for less than 24hrs, so I have yet to find any issues – on the other hand, I have already found my re installations to be MUCH smoother, and am beginning to really like the little shortcuts that it has to offer.  If you have recently purchased a new pc in the last few months with VISTA, it might be worth checking out whether you are eligible for the free Windows 7 software package.  In the meantime, take a quick look at this video I found on youtube (which by the way – youtube is a much better place to find out about Windows 7 than the Windows site itself :(  )to see just a few of the user friendly changes that have been made:

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