Friday, January 15, 2010

Finding the right camera for You

canonnikon It can be so confusing deciding on what the best camera out there is.  And truth be told, the best camera for the person standing beside you, may not be the best camera for you.  Yes there are cameras I would never buy, like ones known to have a shutter delay.  There is also the debate of Canon vs. Nikon.  Canon is ahead of everyone right now - Yeah, but, that could all change around tomorrow - after all, it's technology we're talking about - something that changes by the moment.  If you are looking for a new camera for yourself, than seriously take a look at Snapsort.  This website is set up specifically to do side by side comparisons of cameras, I didn’t find that it did a totally thorough comparison, but it is still a useful tool.  It will even tell you the winner and loser for you - it's that easy.  Whether it's a point and shoot, or an SLR, this is a great site to check into before making your next purchase !

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