Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sports Photography

kite ski trio rs 

ks 4Sports photography is not what I specialize in.  But, on Sunday, a photographer friend ;) and I took to quick trip out to see the kite skiers in Strathroy.  Unfortunately it was REALLY cold – a matter a fact – I’m sure these people out there must have gotten frost burn before coming in.  These pictures were taken with a 200-400mm lens from across the road (oh, did I mention I also wasn’t dressed for walking in the snow either).  The biggest thing you want to remember with sports photography is to have the proper shutter speed.  Unless you are going for a blur, you will need a really fast shutter speed.  In these pictures I had the advantage of great lighting on a bright sunny day and beautiful white snow, therefore I had no problem shooting these at f11  1/1250sec.  I probably could have gone a bit slower with the shutter speed, but in all reality, if necessary, I would have simply opened up the f stop some more, or adjusted the ISO instead.

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