Sunday, July 18, 2010

Congratulations John & Nicole

Cowboy Wedding 

John & Nicole had one of the most colourful weddings I have seen in a long time!  The bright sunflowers were everywhere, mixed with the royal blues as this cowboy wedding went on with smiles and laughter, despite the rain!  After the ceremony the couple stopped in at the local Nursing Home where Nicole works to say hello to everyone – I have to say, I have done a number of weddings now where the Bride has done this afterwards – and I for one, always enjoy the bright smiles this brings!  Later we stopped back at Nicole’s parents home, where the wedding was originally to take place, to have pictures done, and then back to the party!  A great party, a beautiful cake, yummy food, and a dance floor for all - Congratulations John & Nicole!!


  1. What a wonderful video, the Wedding was a wonderful event and you did a nice job capturing it. I wish John and Nicole the best, they are made for each other. Love, Aunt Gloria

  2. CONGRATULATIONS John and Nicole...All the very Best to you. Great video.

    Wendy Ehrmantraut-Charlton

  3. Congratulations Nicole & John. The video is wonderful. We wish you the all the best and many wonderful years to come.

    Ann & Chris Rundle

  4. The pictures are beautifful, Heres to a long and happy life together, and like the rain that fell that day there will be many obstickles to go threw but you'll get there together,best wishes Brian & Leona Munro

  5. Congratulations Nicole & John.What a beautiful wedding love the video and pics thanks for letting the girls and I being a part of your day. Wishing the two of you all the best and many more wonderful years to come

  6. We had such a wonderful time.. Heather you are the greatest... I love what i see and cant wait to see the rest of the pics.. Thank You everyone who shared our wonderful day with us.. love you all.. Nicole & John Thachuk


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