Saturday, July 17, 2010

David Jay compares iphone to android

I Love this, I think it is great that someone actually goes out and tries something, and compares it honestly, rather than simply going with the philosophy of – Apple is the best.  I really feel that Apple markets extremely well, but when it comes to actual product advantages, I think we need to do much more research, instead of simply believe what a company tells us.  Take a look at what David Jay’s research is, might make you think before you leap towards the latest and greatest iphone4.

 David Jay did a survey of what people like most about their iphones, take a look at what he found:

“I'd ask why people love their iPhone and no joke the ONLY two responses I got from dozens of people were:
1. It looks sexy. 2. It has an Apple logo on it. “

Here's a video of all the reasons I ditched my iPhone for Google's Nexus One. Right now if you have the latest version of Android 2.2 it's A LOT better than the iPhone.
With Android I can:
• Multitask (run GPS Navigation, Pandora and more all at the same time)
• Integrate Google Voice which is a sweet free service from Google. Apple removed and banned this app from the iPhone
• Amazing turn-by-turn GPS included. Apple makes you pay an extra monthly charge for this.
• Turn my phone into a mobile WiFi Hot Spot and connect other devices to the internet. iPhone doesn't allow this.
• Adobe Flash - Apple also blocked this so iPhone users are forced to buy apps from their stores instead of playing Flash games online.
• Adobe and Google partnered up and Adobe gave them access to their API so camera and image editing features on the Android are already more advanced then the iPhone.
Android is an open system that developers are free to develop for without fear of having their creations rejected whenever Apple feels threatened.

…off for a wedding today – and it looks like the sun is coming out – just in time!

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