Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Summer Time Fun

ac bb

White balance can be a challenge during any time of the year, but summer time in particular, people tend to notice the problem.  Maybe your pictures look yellowy, or dull – often, this is simply a white balance issue.  Your camera can be set to AWB (automatic white balance), and often if can figure out how to adjust for lighting to make white look white.  But, shade can be one of the trickiest spots to get proper white balance. 

You camera can manually set for different conditions: sunny, shady, cloudy, tungsten,  etc.   Shooting with your white balance to shade on a sunny day will cause very yellow pictures, and yet, shooting on an overcast day with your WB set to normal will cause a cold blue look.  The next time you are shooting, experiment a little with your white balance.

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