Thursday, July 29, 2010

One Haitian’s Update

Evans Monsignac : Buried for 27 days: Haiti earthquake survivor's amazing story

Evans Monsignac survived 27 buried underneath earthquake rubble, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti Photo: POLARIS

It really has not been that long at all since we first heard of the horrific earthquake that hit Haiti as the year 2010 began.  The news was everywhere, and many people where dropping everything to raise funds, or go to Haiti in attempts to help and be used by other helping organizations.  During that time you may recall that photographer/teacher Michael Andrew and friend Mathieu decided to do just that, and were able to help locate, gps tag, and deliver much needed supplies to orphanages in the severely shaken country.  Shortly before Michael’s departure to return to the US he captured digital memories of an incredible miracle – the recovery  of Evans Monsignac – the man who survived 27 days buried alive.  Where is Evans now?  Currently in a Florida hospital, still very very sick, but recovering, and eagerly looking forward to seeing his family.  Evans was able to tell how he was able to survive the 27 days without food or water which had baffled everyone.  See the report here.  Thank you Michael for posting this update on your blog today.  Note, the situation in Haiti has not, and will not rectify itself, you can still help in many ways, including providing clean safe drinking water, please check out how You Can Help. (please make a note with your donation "for Michael's Orphanages", to ensure that the purifier you just purchased goes directly to Michael's Orphanages.)

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