Sunday, July 25, 2010

Underwater Camera Mask

underwater camera 

I discovered these the other day and thought they were a pretty interesting concept..  Usually underwater cameras are something you basically hold out in front of you and guess.  But with this style, you are basically wearing the camera, and where you look, is what you are shooting.  I couldn’t really give you a personal review on the item, however I did find it interesting that they are available with a fair bit of technology.    For instance this blue mask has a 4G Hard Drive and is a digital camera/video camera,

Product Specification:
2.0 mega pixels CMOS camera high resolution clear digital video recording
Unique magnet switch control, indicated by motor shaking
Motional video recording, instant respond to surrounding light
In-built power cell support up to 2.5 hours long video recording and photographing
Tempered glass lens with anti-fog feature
Ergonomic design, wide viewing angle, comfortable wearing
Power Supply:built-in 360mAh lipolymer battery
Camera hardware resolution: 2.0m  pixels.
Built-in 4GB flash memory, support max 32GB
Minimum illumination required: 1Lux
Power Consumption :  < 0.59W
Power duration: 2.5 hours
Power Adaptor: 5V DC/500 mAh
Resolution: 1280*960
Recording Speed: 30fps
Audio: Mute underwater
Video Format: AVI

Depth=30 M


The yellow one is has a smaller hard drive, and a slightly different design, both with the same general concept though. Specs:

Technical Specifications:
Image Resolution - 5.0MP CMOS Sensor
Internal Memory - 16MB NAND Flash Memory
External Memory Card - Micro SD Card
Video Mode - 18-25FPS @ VGA
Status Display - LCD Display
Interface - USB
Power - 2 AAA Alkaline 1.5V Batteries
Photographic Distance - 1.2m (5ft)
Auto Off System time - 120 seconds

High Res - 5.0MP (2560x1920) - 29 Pics
Video - 53S VGA
(Image Qty is based on 16MB internal Memory -
Add a Micro SD Card to add memory up to 2Gb)

Depth = 5 M

Both were found on Ebay   :D  Enjoy your summer fun!

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