Friday, July 09, 2010

One Inspired, Encouraging Woman!

I really couldn’t tell you how I came across Pam’s site, but what I can tell you, is that it has been a regular encouragement to me.  Pam - a Wife, Mom, Grandma, and retired photographer has a blog set up called “Inspired…365”, and today is my day to give a gift, so I’m sharing this blog with you so that you too can be encouraged!  I have never met Pam, but I can see that she is creative, and I can just imagine her as an energetic go getter.  She has a photography ministry – which I think is really cool, as she shares her talent and wisdom with others.  I am a strong believer in sharing with others, what God has given you in talents, Pam does exactly this, and therefore I thought I would just share the love today :D  Enjoy! 

PB 365

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