Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Walmart & Facebook

Most of us post pictures on facebook.  We share our images with our friends, and love to see our friends images.  For those who are concerned as professional photographers however, you may wish to be aware that Walmart has hooked up with Facebook and now has an add on that allows you,  to print yours, or any of your facebook friends pictures directly from the Walmart site.  There are two options if you are worried about this, one is described in the video below – which is very easily laid out on how to block Walmart from accessing your account.  The other point I would like to make however is to be sure you resize your images prior to uploading to Facebook.  Firstly this will allow you to avoid that L O N G upload time of uploading a full size file.  Secondly, if you resize your image to 800x600 or less, then the print quality that anyone would receive from trying to print your resized images would be pitiful.   In addition, it appears that this is not currently available through, only at the .com site. 

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