Saturday, July 24, 2010

Interview with Jasmine Star

I remember hearing David Jay say something in a speaking engagement some time ago – it was about, not selling your product – your pictures, but really, that you as the photographer are the product.  Anyone can take pictures, but your personality, your style, your creativity is what will make your wedding couple so excited to see their pictures for the days, weeks and years to come after their day has come and gone. 
I am always surprised that some photographers stay in business, far less continue to shoot weddings after hearing horror stories from couples and members of the wedding party that start off….”the wedding I was in a few weeks ago the photographer…” and the story goes down hill from there. 
As we are now getting into the most popular months of the year to have weddings - My  advice – get to know your photographer, and, place value in the service they are offering.  Remember, out of everything you budget for on your wedding day – the cake, the flowers, the cars etc., the pictures are going to be the one thing that will be around after the fact, and they will tell the story of the beautiful day you have put together. 

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  1. Wonder if JS noticed she is in the mirror of the photo at 3:30


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