Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Lightroom e:class with Kevin Kubota

I just received this in my inbox today and really want to pass it along.  Kevin Kubota is a master at Lightroom and Photoshop, and really, the name when it comes to professional add-ons etc for your Lightroom and  Photoshop software.  This 90 minute e:class is only $39, which includes the final 30min for Q&A.  If you are interested in seeing the latest from Lightroom 3, or simply checking out how you can improve your workflow, I’d encourage you to catch this live online class.



Adobe has updated another one of their fine products that may have an even greater impact than Photoshop CS5 on your busy life as a photographer — Lightroom 3.

We know you’re a smart photographer who cares about staying competitive and efficient, and you may be asking yourself: “Should I bother upgrading? What’s new in LR3 that will save me more time? Which features will help me
take my business and my creativity to the next level? How did Kubota get my email address?”

Get your questions answered at our LIVE 90-minute interactive e:CLASS with Kevin Kubota.

Who better to teach you these time-saving gems than the guy who produced the Hot One award-winning Workflow Tutorial for Lightroom?
Kevin has been testing (heck, spelunking!) LR3 and has noted the features that will impact your workflow the most,
and you should know about them! More than just a feature overview, this e:CLASS will explain how to best use and incorporate these tools into your workflow.

Get the elite edge on Lightroom 3 workflow for only $39! And if that isn’t enough, enrolled students will take away a recorded video copy AND receive a coupon code good for $20 toward the purchase of any single Kubota Lightroom product through the end of 2010!
Do we love you, or what?!

Mark July 21st at 10:00AM PDT on your calendar for an e:CLASS experience with Kevin Kubota you cannot afford to miss!

Reserve your seat for our LIVE 90-minute e:CLASS

Click here to view more info.

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